Disney releases ‘Where’s My Water? 2′ – and it’s “free”

On Thursday, Disney released Where’s My Water? 2, a follow-up to their incredibly successful Where’s My Water? mobile game released in 2011.

New features include 100+ levels, “Challenge Modes,” “Duck Rush” levels and three new locations including the “Sewer,” the “Soap Factory” and the “Beach.”

The app also features improved graphics, better animations and sleeker transitions between levels. The sequel is a huge visual improvement over the original.

When it comes to gameplay, Where’s My Water? 2 uses energy as opposed to lives. No matter how skilled you are helping Swampy find the water, you will eventually run out of time. You can purchase energy boosts for as little as $.99 or extend your energy bar permanently for $17.99. Sounds a lot like Candy Crush, huh?

The “free” app is available now in the iOS app store and will be available soon for Windows Phone and in the Windows store.


Photo Sep 12, 8 50 00 AM (1)

Duck Rush Levels

So far, this is my favorite thing about the sequel. The levels resemble the endless-runner-style levels that control how fast you can advance in a level.

The screen automatically pans down and you’re required to keep the water on the screen at all times.

The goal of the level is to collect all six ducks before you run out of time. Very cool.

In-app purchases

This app is loaded with in app purchases.

If you want to avoid surprise charges on your account, here’s how to disable in-app purchases on iOS devices:

Photo Sep 12, 8 46 08 AMFrom the home screen, tap Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions.

You can then set a passcode that locks certain functions on the device. Once the passcode is set, scroll to Allowed Content and slide the In-App Purchases slider to Off or to the left so that it’s white (iOS 7).

Play with friends

The app gives you the ability to connect with Facebook and play with friends. If you’re interested in this, it appears to work well within the app.

My thoughts

This is a great update to a great game. Like most people, I beat Where’s My Water? a while ago and I’ve been waiting for an update. I never purchase in-app upgrades, so hopefully there is enough free fun to make this game last a few weeks.

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