Disney Cruise Line launches digital Navigator app

1On Saturday, Disney Cruise Line launched its new digital Navigator app that will give on-board guests digital access to information about ship activities, character schedules, shopping, dining, daily special offers and more.

The app is being tested on the September 7 and September 14 sailings of the Disney Fantasy.

After downloading the app, guests must connect to the ship’s WiFi network “DCL-GUEST.” The WiFi connection is complimentary only when you’re using the app.

If you have never sailed with Disney Cruise Line, the Navigator is a booklet that details all of the ship’s activities for the day. Each night, the next day’s Navigator is left in your stateroom. Here are a few examples.

I’ve sailed with Disney several times over the last few years. When on the ship, I am constantly reaching for my Navigator only to realize I left it in my room. I love the idea of being able to have access to the activity schedule whenever I want. Also, for first-time cruisers, the digital ship map will be very useful. It’s easy to get turned around.

Disney said the digital Navigator will be coming to all four Disney Cruise Line ships soon.

The 16.8 MB app is available in the iTunes store and Google Play Store.

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